Excellent Reading Comprehension Skills Available

Do you have a student who is struggling to understand what is being read? Excellent reading comprehension skills are available from the learning experts at Education Sage, Inc.

The emphasis of the program at Education Sage, Inc. is to make sense of what words are saying. It is not just the reading of individual words that is important. It is the meaning of what the words together convey that is vital.

Students in grades 4-12 are helped with the Beth Silver Reading Method at Education Sage, Inc. This is a proven method that works for students. The method has helped many students become excellent readers since it was introduced in January of 1985.

Contact the experts at Education Sage today to get immediate help for your student. Contact them through the website – educationsage.net- or phone – 310-720-0390.

Dyslexia Helped at Ed Sage School

Dyslexia is a reading issue. There are various forms of dyslexia. One of the most common is when a reader leaves out little words or inserts little words in a sentence which changes the meaning of the sentence. All dyslexia issues are helped at Ed Sage School.

Most dyslexic students are very intelligent. They are frustrated because they don’t comprehend well what they read. There are techniques and methods to help students overcome dyslexic issues.

Dyslexic students are helped in a regular classroom setting to understand what they need to do to overcome the learning issues they have. This also includes the issue with spelling.

Ed Sage School is accredited by Cognia for grades k-12. Contact the Head of School, Beth Silver, at 310-720-0390 for more information about how your student can be helped. The school website is edsageschool.com.

Bright Students with Learning Issues Do Well at Ed Sage School

Bright students with learning issues or disabilities do well at Ed Sage School. The curriculum includes the teaching of accommodations, techniques, and strategies for learning issues such as organization and dyslexia.

Students from Ed Sage School who have graduated from grade 8 and gone on to high school are extremely well prepared for the challenges they meet at high school. One very disorganized student who learned how to get it together got a 4.17 G.P.A. during the first semester of 9th grade in a college preparatory program.

Another very severe dyslexic student got a 3.3 G.P.A. in the first semester of 9th grade in a college preparatory program. This is a miracle because this very intelligent student has learned how to get around the dyslexia issues which affect reading and writing.

Do you have a student who needs help? Contact Head of School, Beth Silver at 310-720-0390 or connect through the website at http://www.edsageschool.com.

Learning Disabilities Helped in Regular Classroom at Ed Sage School

Students with learning disabilities are often pulled from their regular classrooms for help with their learning issues. Ed Sage School provides direct instruction for these students in the regular classroom. The students learn that they can compete with all the other students and do well.

Each student at Ed Sage School has a Student Action Plan. All accommodations and techniques for teaching for each student are in the plan. This empowers the student to feel like everyone else and to understand that he or she can become a successful student.

Do you have a struggling student? Talk to the Head of School, Beth Silver, to get information about Ed Sage School. Beth can be reached at 310-720-0390 or through the website at edsageschool.com.

What is Auditory Processing?

Auditory processing is the way a person hears sounds and has them move into the brain to be interpreted. Students need to have excellent auditory processing skills for listening, learning from sound, and reading.

Does your student have a problem with phonics in reading? Is there a problem with spelling words correctly while writing? Does your student miss oral instructions in the classroom? Does your child have difficulty remembering what you asked him or her to do?

These are possible indicators that your student may have an auditory processing issue or a disability. It is important to get a diagnosis and begin helping your student learn how to cope with this issue.

Get help now. Talk to the experts at Education Sage, Inc. to get your questions answered. You can make contact by phone at 310-720-0390 or through the website at educationsage.net.