My Teacher Doesn’t Like Me! What do you do?

Students tell their parents, ” My teacher doesn’t like me.” The real concern here is why does the student think this? It is time to do some investigating.

The first question to ask is, “Why do you think that?” listen very carefully to the response. A parent should be able to tell if it is an individual student issue, a class issue, or another student’s issue that their student took as their own.

The best approach is to connect with the teacher and ask the simple question, ” How is my child doing in your class?” Listen carefully to the response. If it is an individual issue, the teacher will let you know. If that is the case, then work with your student to resolve a behavior the student is doing.

If it is a class issue, talk with your student to explain that the class as a whole needs to improve and it does not mean that the teacher does not like the student.

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Students Acquire Positive Emotional Learning at Ed Sage School

Ed Sage School students learn how to have a positive, motional connection to their learning. They understand that being positive helps them easily retain information in memory. Students keep information in memory for a long time.

Brain Based Learning is used for all instruction at Ed Sage School. Students understand the best learning methods for them on an individual basis and are successful. The learning environment is lively and purposeful.

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Autism, Bullying, Holding on to a Dream All Part of a Book Report!

Reading novels gives the students at Ed Sage School the opportunity to explore subjects and events that are meaningful for today. The students were recently asked to write a different kind of book report. They were asked to explore and explain the following topics: a continuation high school, autism, bullying, and holding on to a dream for the future.

In order to explain the topics, students had to do research to get information for the topics. Careful online research was done. Students were shown how to evaluate a website and the information it contains. They were also shown how to look for the same information being repeated on websites.

Students were challenged to write about a dream they are holding on to for their future. First, the students analyzed how one of the characters held onto a dream. Then they wrote about theirs.

Creativity in assignments is a hallmark of Ed Sage School. Students need to do in-depth learning and thinking while they are writing. This assignment provided that for them.

Ed Sage School is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year for grades 5-8. Contact Beth Silver, Head of School, to discuss your child’s needs at 310-720-0390 or

Students Study the Civil War from a Technology Viewpoint

Students at Ed Sage School are studying the American Civil War from the viewpoint of technology. Students today are aware of how important technology is in our lives. They are drawing parallels between technology today and technology during the Civil War. Some of their viewpoint categories are: communication, transportation, weaponry, and medicine

“Bringing history alive to be meaningful to students is a challenge ,” said Beth Silver, Head of Ed Sage School. The end of their research results in two products. The first is a speech using 10 Power Point slides made by the students explaining their research, and the second is an essay of 7 paragraphs explaining their research findings.

This type of project allows students to use their creativity and their individual brain learning styles. The planning skills for this project are important. Students have to work toward due dates.

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Brain Based Learning Creates Confident Students at Ed Sage School

Brain Based Learning creates confident students because each student learns how his/her brain works best. Exploring different learning styles for students helps them select the techniques and modalities that really resonate with their brain memories. Students also begin to understand that people learn differently and that their individual learning styles are excellent.

Parents should listen to what their students are telling them. Does your student say, ” I have never been able to learn math, so I am not going to this time.” Have you heard, ” Everyone else in the class is smart.” The worst is, ” I am dumb!” This negative attitude is a result of students being forced into using one learning method and not exploring what works for their individual brains.

All instruction at Ed Sage School is based on how the brain learns. Students are shown various methods to use based on the learning styles that work for them. Learning new information is done quickly and permanently with this instruction. Students feel empowered. They learn that they are really smart!

Ed Sage School is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year for grades 5-8. Contact Head of School, Beth Silver, to discuss your student’s needs at 310-720-0390 or For more school information, visit the website –