Does Your Student Need Extra Time for Quizzes, Tests, Essays and Standardized Tests?

Extras time is legally given to students who require it. The need is shown by doing educational testing. One of the items in these tests is fluency or speed with which a student works.

A parent can request that a school give the tests to decide if and what learning issues or disabilities a student has. Then the fluency parts of the tests need to be evaluated.

Processing speed refers to the speed that a student’s brain uses to do academic assignments and work. It is possible for a bright student to process more slowly and need the accommodation of extended time.

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School Year Doldrums

The doldrums is an area where air flow and movement is stagnant or slow. This is the time of year on a school calendar that is called the doldrums. The time between the beginning of January and Spring Break is long. Watch out for student issues.

Is your student keeping up with daily assignments? How about studying for tests? How about doing the outside reading book? Is your student keeping up with projects to get finished on time?

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Dyslexia? ADHD? Executive Function Problems? Get Excellent Help Now!

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What Happened in School Today? Nothing! Sound Familiar?

Parents ask their students what they did in school on a given day. Usually the student’s response is, “Nothing”, or ” I don’t remember.” Let’s get this conversation turned around with daily information.

Have your student keep a running journal of what is done each day in each class by having them write what is happening in each class. Use a spiral bound notebook. Have your student put the day and the date at the top of a page. Then have your student take notes about the lessons.

Even though the homework assignments may be online, this activity helps students remember what they are learning and reminds them of what they need to study and learn for tests.

Using what is written in this journal can begin a good daily conversation about what happened in school on any given day.

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Organizing Learning and Supplies

Students have a difficult time organizing their homework time and their study/learning environment. When organization is done correctly and makes sense, students succeed easily and well.

Homework and study time needs to be organized on a weekly and daily basis. An overview of all the work that has to be done for the week should be given to the student. Then the weekly work needs to be broken into daily assignments.

Study time is something that is usually left out of a student’s organization of work. Teachers do not always explain or assign study time. Help should be given to a student to plan study time. Study time should be done before actual homework time. The student is more alert for study time.

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