Dyslexics Learn to Read at Ed Sage School

True Reading Comprehension is learned by dyslexic students at Ed Sage School. Dyslexic students are taught techniques and methods to compensate for their dyslexic reading issues. The compensatory skills for dyslexia are taught in each core class at Ed Sage School.

Extending human potential is a prime goal for Ed Sage School. Turning dyslexic students into confident learners extends their human potential.

One of the best compensatory reading techniques for dyslexics is the text to speech application for dyslexic students to use. Material can be read on the computer, on an iPad, or on an iPhone using different applications. Each dyslexic student becomes an independent reader using various methods and techniques.

Enrollment at Ed Sage School is now open for the school year beginning August 22, 2022 for grades 5-8. There are some places available. Enroll now. Call the Head of School, Beth Silver, for more information at 310-720-0390. Look at the website for the school: http://www.edsageschool.com.

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