Dyslexia and Math

Dyslexic students can do well with math. If the instruction is specific as to the exact steps to take to do a problem, then a dyslexic student will learn this well and put it into memory for easy retrieval. Reading directions and reading the content of word problems are issues.

The reading of word problems should be done with an application that does text to speech that reads what is written to the student. It is important for the dyslexic student to read each sentence in a word problem and then stop and comprehend what the sentence said. The student should underline or circle the numeric information in the sentences that will be used to solve the problem.

The reading of directions in math should be done with a text to speech application that reads the information to the student. It is important to emphasize the reading of directions. Frequently students look at math problems and decide they know how to do them, but the problems may call for partial answers.

Ed Sage School shows dyslexic students how to succeed in doing math problems and reading directions in math. Dyslexic students have great human potential and it is extended at Ed Sage School through the use of Brain Based Learning Instruction. The students do succeed well as evidenced by the success history of the students at the school.

Enrollment for Ed Sage School is open now for the 2022-2023 school year for grades 5-8. Apply now and get more information. Contact Beth Silver, Head of School, at 310-720-0390 or bethcarolsilver@gmail.com.

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