Dyslexia Evaluation Helps Reading Problems

Is your student struggling with reading comprehension? Can your student summarize what was read in his/her own words? Can your student pronounce words correctly? Does your student spell words correctly? Does your student leave out little words or put in little words when reading which changes the meaning of the sentence?

A Dyslexia Evaluation is now available which will pinpoint reading issues and tell if a student has dyslexia. The evaluation is done by the experts at Education Sage, Inc. The evaluation results in a detailed report of the reading learning issues, what should be done if there are issues, how to take the evaluation information to the child’s school, and what the parents can do at home to help the child. All of this is explained to the parents in a meeting with the people who did the evaluation. The evaluation and meeting are done remotely using Zoom.

Get your Dyslexia Evaluation appointment now. Contact Beth Silver at 310-720-0390 or bethcarolsilver@gmail.com. For more information visit the website: http://www.educationsage.net.

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