Dyslexia and Math

Dyslexia makes math work more difficult. It is important for dyslexic students to follow a secure process in solving math problems, equations, and word problems. Using 1/4 inch graph paper for math work is strongly recommended for dyslexic students.

What is the process to use for solving math work with dyslexics? First- the vision of the problem must be clearly written in a way that it is easy to see and grasp the numbers and/or letters. This is done best on graph paper. Next the sequence- or steps to solve should be clearly shown on graph paper. For some dyslexics, it is helpful if they trace the problem with a fingertip- that means all the steps.

The next step is to try a problem just like the sample one that was done – using the same steps. Then the student should check the work with an answer key or with a calculator.

A Dyslexia Evaluation for a dyslexia diagnosis is now available done remotely. Get an immediate response. Contact Beth Silver for more information or to sign up for this evaluation. Beth can be reached at 310-720-0390 or bethcarolsilver@gmail.com.

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