Students Ace Math Word Problems at Ed Sage School

Brain Based Learning is used to help students at Ed Sage School learn how to do math word problems. The emphasis is on the reading comprehension skills for understanding math word problems.

Reading comprehension of math word problems is difficult for most students. At Ed Sage School students are shown how to read, interpret, and solve the language of the word problem. It is the language of the word problem that is the issue. Most students can do the arithmetic or algebra work.

Taking the time to understand the language of math word problems is a priority at Ed Sage School. This reading focus helps all students, but especially those with learning issues. The math reading comprehension skills students learn are used throughout the remainder of their education.

Ed Sage School is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year. Contact Beth Silver, Head of School, to apply or for more information. Phone – 310-720-0390 or Website-

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