Disappearing Math Facts!

There are times when students cannot recall math facts. Some days this is a problem and other days it is not. On the days when it is a problem, the student experiences a large slowdown in time getting math work done. The student may know how to do the algorithm, but the facts are lost. What to do?

The student should use a calculator to find the missing facts. In some elementary schools teachers do not permit the use of calculators. In some places students are told that it is cheating to use a calculator! It is time to change this thinking .

The problem is that the missing math facts are a function of the brain. If this is not working, then use a calculator. When students get to high school, most of their math work is calculator driven. Why not start earlier?

Have a student struggling with math? Get immediate help. Contact Beth Silver at bethcarolsilver@gmail.com or 310-720-0390.

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