Dyslexia and Hearing Letter Sounds

Many dyslexic readers do not hear letter sounds correctly. Frequently they confuse the sounds of the letter “a” and the letter ” e.” This makes spelling words correctly an issue. Using the computer program for grammar and spelling checks is good.

One of the best tools for a dyslexic reader to use is a text to speech application. This allows the text to be read to the reader. The reader needs to make sure to stop the reading of the text after paragraphs to make meaning of what is being read. This comprehension should be in the reader’s own words. One of these applications is called Prizmo Go.

Do you need help identifying a dyslexic reader? Do you need help teaching a dyslexic reader to read? For immediate information and help, contact Beth Silver, Educational Therapist, at bethcarolsilver@gmail.com or 310-720-0390.

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